Cobbler Cove

About the Project

Cobbler Cove is a brand new dessert restaurant serving a variety of tasty cobblers with fresh fruit and ice cream. Pair that with a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider and you'll forget about that frozen yogurt place. Jibe was fortunate enough to get involved with Cobbler Cove early on. Our first task was to develop a playful, yet traditional identity that spoke to cobbler's classic American roots as well as the brand's promise of good times and wholesome simplicity. With the design of the visual identity and an extensive food photoshoot completed, we began to apply the brand to everything inside and out. We designed signage, packaging, digital menu boards, a full-responsive website, and much more. We even helped with the interior design by producing a nearly 24-foot plexiglass wall mural, containing photography, decorative patterns, and other brand elements.


Print Design, Environmental Graphics, Brand Identity



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