9 Ways to Create Content Your Consumers Value


April 30, 2013

The 1943 copper-alloy penny is one of the most rare and obscure coins in America—and it recently sold for more than $1 million. The illusive wartime cent, which is the result of a manufacturing mishap, is the most valuable Lincoln penny of all. Since copper was needed for the war efforts, the U.S. government began to make pennies from steel in 1943; however, 40 very lucky pennies were produced by accident when copper-alloy blanks remained in the press.

If we take the coin for face value, it’s actually worth less than it costs to make, as pennies cannot even pay for themselves now. And if we took one of these pennies for just another timeworn wheat grass cent, we’d be fools—yet, justifiably unknowing, oblivious fools. This type of ignorance isn’t limited to numismatics, it applies to you, your business, your marketing strategy, and most of all, your content. If your content is being taken at face value and irrelevant, it’s because your consumers fail to see the worth of what you have to offer. And is that their fault or yours? Unfortunately, it’s yours. Once brand awareness has been achieved, it’s your job to create content, great content (blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, podcasts, videos, eNewsletters, social media activity, etc.) that keeps consumers coming back for more. You need to be:

  1. Knowledgeable– Be the respected, savvy coinsmith of your industry. Know your industry well and highlight what sets your company apart—then take this expertise and produce quality content.
  2. Exclusive– Like the 1943 copper-alloy cent, the more rare something is, the more value it typically has. Make your content exceptional, creative, specific, and uniquely tailored to your brand.
  3. Sincere– With a little education, it’s not too tough to spot a counterfeit. If you’re not the real deal, consumers will quickly see through the fake and the phony—be an Honest Abe.
  4. Bold– Don’t be afraid to take risks, tackle issues, and address problems that no one else will. Chances are that people are searching for this information, and the more transparent you can be, the more trust you will build with consumers. Receive negative feedback on your business/products? No problem—take it as opportunity to resolve the concern and turn it into a public positive.
  5. Passionate– Without coin collectors, history buffs, and nostalgic enthusiasts, would a rare copper coin really sell for $1 million? No. The most powerful, resonating content will be the most heartfelt. To truly connect with your audience, create meaningful, entertaining content that consumers can relate to.
  6. Useful– If your consumers can apply your wise words to their business or lives, you’ve just become worthwhile. Make sure your content is informative and valid.
  7. Diligent– Without taking the time to inspect each penny that makes its way into your pocket, you’ll surely miss one that’s worth more than a cent. This type of attentiveness needs to be applied to your content marketing strategy. To maintain an influential brand presence, your content must be current and consistently fresh. This is especially true for online materials. Your devotion to producing new and engaging content is an essential component.
  8. Appealing– A dull, rusty penny still holds the same value as a shiny, new one, but which one do you want in your hand? The shiny, new one. Aesthetic is as important as the content itself. Invest in good design.
  9. Social– Coin collectors can bond through their shared passion, just as you can connect with others in your industry for mutual knowledge sharing, guest blogging opportunities, and collaborative benefits. It’s equally as important to listen and interact with brand advocates and consumers.

There you have it, a content marketing approach to value. So the next time a tarnished Lincoln is staring you in the face, you might want to think twice about tossing it into the spare penny dish at the register. And remember, while an uncirculated coin is worth more, uncirculated content is worth nothing.