April Fool’s fo’ You

Dave Smurthwaite

April 1, 2011

Every year, April Fool’s Day manages to creep up on me like a Ninja in clown attire.

While I’ve never truly been victimized on the prankster’s holiday, I know there are hundreds of Americans out there that wake up to saran-wrapped toilets and desk staplers encapsulated in Jello (After all, who doesn’t get a kick out of ricocheting urine and strawberry flavored internal documents?) And for every one of those poor souls having to change their garments or trash their favorite stapler, there are hundreds (nay thousands) of people turning to Google for their April Fool’s entertainment ala geek. So, in tribute to some of the richest pranksters around, here’s a few clips from Google’s Made Ya Think Tank:

This year’s innovation:

Complete with accompanying chart:

Another of this year’s, except on the YouTube Front:

My personal favorite:

And a few more for kicks:

Happy Fools Day everyone. Watch your back (for your personal safety) and watch Google (just for fun)