Can One Employee Take Care of All My Online Marketing?

Jibe Media

November 30, 2012

Planning—undoubtedly one of the keys to success. Whether you need a game plan, business plan, plan of attack, dental plan, or even a house plan, planning is essential to get the end results you want. And if the end results you desire include increased online visibility, more effective engagement, improved web traffic, and better content, you most definitely need a well thought out and strategic plan.

With that in mind, we want to offer a few keys to success that will propel your company to the next level, and if executed correctly, will keep you competitive in today’s changing market. Unfortunately, staying on top of the competition involves needing more than just your twelve-year-old daughter’s knowledge on Facebook (or that 20-year-old intern you just hired for that matter!).  You need qualified and tested experts, and here’s why:

  • It’s a big job. Remember the scene in Matilda where Bruce is forced to eat that massive chocolate cake?  Anyone with a heart (and a love of chocolate) who watches that wants to grab a fork and dive in and help.  Why?  Because although the cake is no doubt delicious (and disease ridden thanks to the baker), the overwhelming size of it is just too much for one little boy to handle, and we want to help the poor boy tackle such a huge endeavor.  Online marketing, and social media marketing in particular, is too much for one employee to handle, no matter their training and love of the medium.  Bruce loved chocolate cake, but he certainly couldn’t love it enough to enjoy every bite he took after his limit was reached.  Don’t force your online marketing down the throat of one intern or employee who no doubt feels quite frequently gorged on the massive task in front of him.
  • You need experts. While your fulltime employee may be a marketing guru, they probably aren’t a graphic design wizard, top-notch web developer, or creative copywriter. This will only cheapen your overall online presence. Your content and strategy should be equally as strong, and if one is lacking, your success will be too. A skilled team is equipped to produce a well-rounded online marketing strategy that can generate results.
  • Social media is a fickle medium. With the explosion of all that is social, we’ve seen advertising and marketing take a turn in a different direction the past several years. Social media is constantly changing and evolving, and unless you’re on the cutting edge, you will return subpar results.  This in and of itself takes constant monitoring and a significant amount of trial and error.  Avoiding the trial and error and going to a team of experts can eliminate a lot of pain and budget drain.
  • Content matters. We’ve all heard that content is king, but what does that really mean? It means that whatever you’re putting on your website or posting on your social assets, must be great and in line with your brand. Content enhancements, such as graphics, videos or photos, all play a role in engaging your audience. Each post or update is an opportunity to show your audience what you’re all about, and bad content or subpar graphics will push even the most loyal of consumers out of reach.
  • A strategy is crucial. Without a solid SEO approach, the chances of getting your fantastic content out there and seen by the masses isn’t nearly as likely. So what’s great content if no one sees it? Without a defined plan and measureable goals, it’s hard to know when progress is made. The use of analytics reporting, as well as the latest strategies within the world of SEO can help drive traffic to your site and give you the return you’re looking for.  Strategizing is not for the faint of heart.  It takes past experience and a solid understanding of the medium and where it is headed.

When you have a qualified team at your disposal you will not only find that activation, management, and maintenance of your online assets is easier, you’ll discover the results you want. Become more visible, more visited, and more connected with your audience.