Facebook for Business – Help Page

Andrew Ariotti

July 27, 2011

Just this morning Facebook has opened up a “Facebook for Business” help page to do just that, help businesses thrive on Facebook. There is a common request from new clients that we get here at Jibe, and that is that they always want a Facebook presence for their business. If you have a page, or are in the process of building one, I highly recommend that you go and spend a few hours there to gather some Facebook for Business knowledge.

Here are a couple of highlights that I thought were great tips:

  • Treat your Facebook Page like a hub where people can connect…
  • Use your Page to post regular updates and offer special content to generate comments…
  • Run highly effective Facebook Ads to get the word out to exactly who you want using targeting criteria such as interests, location and more
  • Set some goals: Use your goals to shape the content on your Page to ensure it is useful and relevant
  • Check your page daily: Set aside 5-10 minutes each day to post updates and respond to comments
  • Check the metrics on your Page Insights Dashboard  regularly to learn:
    • How your Page is performing
    • What day of the week most people visit
    • How often people comment
    • Which posts are most engaging
    • How to improve your Page strategy

The list can seem overwhelming, and that’s where we come in! Contact us about getting your Facebook page off the ground. In the meantime checkout some of the pages that we have help get up and running: