Facebook Like vs. Send Button

Andrew Ariotti

May 9, 2011

Everyone’s seen the “Like” button for a long time now. It’s turned in to the norm on most websites. Companies are even starting to put their companies “Like” button on the site so you can see how many likes they have. Great little button, now we’ve got one more to add to the mix: the Send button.

Let’s just start with the “Like” button first: what does it do? Well, the like button “like’s” whatever page you are on and posts to your profile that you liked that item. As a result everyone that has access to your profile will see it. Straightforward and simple.

The “Send” button is similar to the “Email this to a friend” link/button that most article based websites have but you can now send them as private messages to your friends, post them to a group wall, or to any email adress. Really the only added options are the private messages and the group wall. These are cool, but I’m not sure if it will really go anywhere fast. We’ve already had a request for it to be implemented on a few client’s sites, so that just goes to show you that I’m sure other companies are asking for it as well.

How do I get this “Send” button?

Go to this Facebook Developers page, and use the simple form to create your first button. There are a few things you can do to customize the button, like change fonts and the color scheme from dark to light. There’s not much more to it then that. Hats off to Facebook for bringing another way to spread the Facebook fever more than it already has been!

Let’s give it a shot. Send this article to your friends!