Get Moving — Motion Graphics and Advertising

Elise Bowen

October 10, 2012

Chances are that most people won’t be able to define what “motion graphics” are, but they’ll know when they see them.

Let’s test this. Do you remember the end credits of the first Sherlock Holmes movie, the beginning titles of Catch Me If You Can, or my personal favorite the first minutes of Stranger Than Fiction?

Each of these is an example of motion graphics in one way or another. There are some fuzzy lines separating animation, motion graphics, and special effects, but for this purpose let’s say motion graphics are videos that use illustrations, images, typography, or 3D elements in motion.

And now you might be asking, why use motion graphics in advertising? Allow me to enlighten you.

It’s engaging – If all you have is live action video, the same thing over and over, switching things up with some interesting motion graphics can overlay additional information or accent what is already being presented. By adding a few moving elements to an otherwise snore-worthy interview or product demonstration, it becomes interesting.

It’s flexible – If you have a complex idea or concept to communicate, motion graphics could be your answer. You can create any type of world to express your idea as clearly as possible. If you run out of good footage in your video, throw some intriguing motion graphics to keep your viewer’s attention.

It’s popular – There are all kinds of creative commercials that utilize motion graphics that are circling the web right now; and motion graphics are especially popular on social media. The potential for share and exposure is far greater on social sites, which often generates a heftier ROI.

It’s cheap – Now, just because Hollywood does it, doesn’t mean it costs a fortune. There are no expensive cameras, mics, or crews. The only things you need are a good designer and a good idea.

In today’s marketing world people are inundated by the same old stuff. Trends are pushing companies to be more creative. Viewers want something that is visually appealing, entertaining, and informative. Utilizing motion graphics can be a cost effective and creative way to beef up your YouTube channel, web banners, presentations, or anything else you can come up with.

To get your creative juices flowing take a look at the examples below and learn how you can implement motion graphics into your advertising strategy.

I’m Gonna Make It Better

Starbucks RED

Little Red Riding Hood Retold Infographic