Google+ = Social Network+?

Jibe Media

June 30, 2011

Let it be known that another player has been added to the social network game and this time it’s another recruit from Google! No, it’s not Buzz, for some reason he still exists but will likely be outted fairly soon, it’s Google+ (be sure and say “plus” when you read that)!

It’s true, the long awaited Social Network from Google is finally a reality. Don’t have an invite yet? Well, me neither so I’m getting pretty anxious for it. Fortunately, Google has supplied us with a most awesome grand tour of the new Social Media tool for those that want to take a peak. There are also a few videos below for those that want to stick around for a while. 🙂

Those were two of my favorite videos showcasing the new features. Can you tell I’m excited about Google+? I sure am, but mainly just because it appears that all of the frustrating things about Facebook are becoming more simple. The idea of organizing friends and controlling access is so simple compared to Facebook. I’ve tried explaining certain aspects of Facebook to several clients and it is confusing and complex. If you’re like me and are in it several times a day then it makes sense, but for those that aren’t it can be very overwhelming. The idea of dragging and dropping your friends is awesome!

Since I don’t actually have access I’ll end my post and bring you more once I have got my beta invite and had a chance to play with it. Thanks!

If you want more videos check the following Playlist on YouTube.