How to Be Professional and Conversational When Blogging

Amorie Pickett

January 18, 2013

Did you know there is a blog all about what a toddler might be thinking? There are blogs dedicated to cats, others to smelly feet, men who paint their nails and anything else you can imagine. And if by some chance you can’t find the type of blog you’re looking for, you are only a few clicks away from being able to create it.

People are becoming writers overnight.  Blogging has exploded in recent years and anyone can write virtually anything they want and publish it online.  But is it good writing?  Is it aligning with their interests?  Or, if they are a company, is it aligning with their brand?  Is it highlighting their services?  Is it showing what they are passionate about?

The big question is: how do you write a blog post that will draw an audience and keep them there while building credibility? Lucky for you, I have an answer!  Well, six answers to be exact.  Here are your six steps to writing a better post:

Step 1: Preparation

If you are going to write, you should read also. Read up on topics you want to blog about, read about the industry or area of expertise related to your blog topics and stay on top of current events. When you are planning to engage the general public it is good to know something about a lot of things, it makes your perspective well-rounded and you are less likely to embarrass yourself.

I once read Nelson Mandela’s 512-page autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. Why? I don’t know. I liked the style and I learned something. It improved my writing and I am constantly seeking similar opportunities to expand myself.

Step 2: Plan time

Find a time when you can focus. Don’t wait until the last minute… or hour… or day. You may not get a great opening paragraph the first time you try. I always try to give myself at least two writing sessions. That doesn’t always work out, but it is a good goal.

Step 3: Remember, you are talking to a person

It is easier to be conversational when you think of it as a one-on-one conversation. Make it interesting.  I sometimes get too technical when writing my first draft of a blog, but I received some great advice that has changed my perspective. My instructor at the time told me, “Talk to me like I’m a person and you want to tell me about something you know.”

Step 4: Remember, YOU are a person

Don’t be afraid to show some personality. Always take care to remain professional, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Step 5: Spelling and grammar

Nothing will turn readers away like bad spelling and grammar. So after you write, read it again and make changes and rewrites, then find someone else with writing skills and have them read it and make corrections.

Step 6: Stay on topic

Don’t get distracted with a topic other than the focus of your blog. Most readers don’t have the patience necessary for that. If you find something else you want to write about, make a note of it and save it for a later blog.

No matter what it is you’re blogging about – from your cat obsession to your affinity for manly nail polish – write it well. It can bring credibility to your cause, whether it is for your business or otherwise, and can draw people in or repel them like nothing else can.  And remember, they will tell their friends, whether the content be good or bad. So use these steps and make a good impression.