How to Capitalize on YouTube with Motion Graphics

Elise Bowen

August 30, 2013

In one of our latest posts, YouTube 101, we discussed why, when, and how to use the video sharing platform. We also noted that the video powerhouse is the “second largest search engine.” No matter your definition of search engine, the fact is YouTube’s search box is being used to find information on products, tutorials, reviews, and cats more than 1 billion times a month. We already made it clear that YouTube is one the best resources to reach out to your target audience, but now let’s talk about how motion graphics and YouTube work together.

Maybe you have some statistics you want to showcase in a creative way? Or perhaps a product that has some trouble shooting information you want to display visually? Or maybe you just want to wish your customers Happy Toasted Marshmallow Day (which is today btw!) in a unique way? Practically any scenario permits the creation of interesting motion graphics to get your message across. Just remember these tips when you are creating your next motion masterpiece on YouTube:

Storyboard – No matter how long or short your project ends up being, storyboarding can really help iron out the vision and save time and energy later on in your workflow. Sketch in pencil and keep it rough or create full detail illustrations. Even the professionals do it.

Infotain – To gain extra attention be sure to surprise and delight as well as get your message across. Take Duluth Trading Co. as an example. Instead of just describing their products on their website, they created a series of animations that definitely “infotain.”

Remember the Brand – It is easy to get caught up in new trends and cool effects. Don’t forget the brand. Let it shine through the design to reinforce the brand’s look and feel with all elements including motion.

Keep It Simple – Biting off more than you can chew is easy to do. Realize how much time it takes to create these designs and what resources are actually needed. Something that looks quick and easy could be more complicated and time consuming to achieve than it appears. Be realistic and start small.

Motion graphics are a great way to get information across quickly and easily. It can also be an awesome opportunity to make a longer lasting impression and spread beyond your target audience. When done well, graphics, and good design in general, can be picked up by more than your target audience.

So get out there and wish someone a Happy Toasted Marshmallow Day!