How to Create Video for YouTube

David Jeppson

April 25, 2013

Most of us know by now that video is one of the most popular types of content on the web today. Video allows us to share so much with the world, and with the massive popularity of YouTube, it’s amazing just how easy it is to reach a worldwide audience. In order to watch video, someone needs to create video content.

Adding video as a social asset should be the goal of almost any organization, company, or individual wanting to grow their online presence. The reasons for adding video to your social assets will certainly vary, but it’s a great way to get users engaged in what you are trying to accomplish and the message you or your group is trying to share. Many are reluctant to create and publish video for an assortment of reasons. “It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, my face looks too fat on camera…” and on, and on. While good equipment, and even professional help is sometimes needed to achieve a certain level of quality and professionalism, it’s not always necessary.

Here are some important things to keep in mind before embarking on your next video production:

  • Camera Quality – Use the best equipment you can. This is true for video, and audio as well. People are getting more and more used to viewing HD resolutions and they will notice if you video is not up to par.
  • Stay Relevant – Keep your content new, interesting, informative, and entertaining.
  • Get to the Point – Try to keep it concise and brief, don’t lose the attention of your viewers by needlessly dragging out your topic.
  • Get Noticed – Make your video interesting by adding in appropriate edits and effects including titles/text, transitions, music, video effects, still-frames, etc. This can be done by using a wide range of paid or free video editors.

To help you get noticed, here is a quick tutorial video on how to use the video editor built right into YouTube to create quick and easy videos online: