How to stop running into things

Dave Smurthwaite

June 24, 2011

Have you ever heard the expression, “Don’t miss the forest for the trees?”

If not, perhaps this will help illustrate its meaning:

I was walking with a group of friends, intently talking to one walking next to me when BAM! – I ran right into a parking sign.

Embarrassing?  Most definitely.  Enlightening?  Surprisingly, yes.

Not only was it enlightening in helping me realize I needed to watch where I was going to avoid becoming the comic relief for onlookers, it also enlightened me, figuratively, to one of the biggest advantages of having an advertising agency.

Let me elaborate.

Advertising can be tricky.  There are a number of factors that can overwhelm and cause headaches for even the most seasoned marketing director at any company.   It’s easy to focus so intently on your goal, or the immediate task at hand, that you completely lose sight of what else is out there and how to reach your objectives.

But this is where an advertising agency can perform one of its most valuable functions.  As an outside entity, agencies give their clients a chance to see things from a new perspective that can sometimes only come from someone not completely entrenched in the company.  Agencies can help direct clients from running into pitfalls that open up for those who’ve been trying the same things for too long.  It’s an incredible team effort that allows a collaborative approach to include product or service expertise from the marketing director and creative and strategic expertise from the agency.  It makes for a powerful combination that creates advertising magic.

Taking a step back from a focused perspective can make all the difference – making things less painful…and embarrassing in the end.  Believe me, I know.