Imagine a Place…

Dave Smurthwaite

July 8, 2011

Imagine a place
Where rivers run wide and deep
Surrounded by lush green hills
And where the weather is always (ok, probably not always, but at least on this particular day)

People here are friendly and proud
Excitement charges the air
And life is always regarded (yes, always)
As precious.

This place is Idaho Falls.
That’s right, Idaho Falls;
Or more specifically, Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.
And even more specific than that, the brand spanking new Women & Infants Center at EIRMC.

This was the location of one of Jibe’s most recent client-loving adventures, where Dave and I revved up the rental car and hit the wide-open road for the ribbon cutting of this beautiful new facility.

While many many people were involved in this enormous project, we were particularly proud of our favorite Idaho women – Cindy Smith Putnam, Coleen Niemann and Holly Gyles – for leading the events of the day. The hospital was covered in brightly wrapped packages, rice paper lanterns, and richly frosted cupcakes. As community leaders, members, and mommies-to-be streamed through for tours and to sneak a peak, we all also got a feel for the real purpose of the Women and Infants Center – to provide the best care in a place that will be safe and welcoming for new life.

In the fun-filled world of advertising we get to do some pretty neat things. But absolutely not least among them are the opportunities to see our clients thriving, with smiles on their faces for a project that went just right. Being able to play a part – no matter how large or small – gives us tremendous satisfaction as well. And we will travel far and wide to find it.