Is TV Advertising Dead?

Ali Guinn

November 16, 2011

People hate watching TV with me.  I’m the type that watches three or four TV shows at the same time.  When one goes on commercial, I switch to the next, and then the next, and the next, and so on.  This elaborate juggling of plot lines, characters and channels is a talent, nay a gift given only to the antsy and attention deficit of TV viewers.

A part of me feels like I’m beating the system, but really, who am I kidding?  I still catch a commercial here or there when my system breaks down, which is more often then I’d like to admit.  Perhaps you can relate, only you’re a step ahead and use DVR or something similar.

So this poses the question, “Is TV advertising dead?”

Between schizophrenic channel changing and fast forwarding through all the commercials, how can an advertiser get through?  And is it even worth it anymore?

With statistics found here, it would seem that TV advertising is heaving its last breath.  Reportedly, almost 90% of viewers skip through the commercials.  Yikes.  That can’t be good.  It can’t be ignored – TV’s influence is evolving, and some would say shrinking.

And yet TV advertising still exists and still has an undeniable impact.  The trick is using it effectively.  Paying close attention to the target demographic and the mindset of the viewer is key.  Bland, boring and long just don’t cut it anymore.  Commercials are evolving to fit the competitively higher standards, and advertisers have to keep pace or they will be left in the dust of the ever-evolving industry.

Most importantly, a commercial used in conjunction with cross-media advertising has the most power and the most strength in brand identity.  An online presence is key, involving a strong, trusted voice in social media.   The advertising world is constantly changing, and the key is allowing your marketing strategy to evolve with it.

Despite my feeble efforts to minimize the effect of commercials in my own life, TV advertising still has a strong pulse, but only when used correctly.