Ivory Homes Testimonial: Turning on the Social Media Light

Cheryl Catts

June 7, 2013

I was recently having a conversation with my 9-year-old about what makes up North America. Our conversation went something like this:

“We should be friends with Canada,” he said.

“We are,” I replied. We share a border with them and have a great relationship.”

“They should become part of North America so we can have 51 states.”

“Make all of Canada one state?”

“Ok, maybe 52 states,” he suggested. “And South America too – everyone there speaks English anyway.”

“Not exactly…” I trailed off.

Clearly there was some missing information there – he had all the right pieces, but hadn’t quite put them together where they belong. It wasn’t until we pulled out a map that I could show where the U.S. is, how that meets Canada, what makes up North America and South America, etc. And then I saw the light go on. Clarity!

As we work with new and prospective clients at Jibe it is clear to us when someone we’re talking to catches the vision of social media. They grasp the potential for fully integrated new media services into their current marketing plan and we see this same light go on.

Facebook, blogs, Twitter, social engagement, reviews, comments… these are all terms that circle around in our present-day vernacular, but don’t always make sense until the whole plan can be laid out in order to see how everything fits together.

This is what we strive to do at Jibe, and a perfect example of a client who has caught this vision is Brooke Crofts at Ivory Homes. Brooke is a marketing project manager, specializing in social media services. When Jibe first sat down with Ivory to discuss web visibility Brooke was managing many of the assets, but felt like she didn’t have the strategic direction she wanted. This is how Brooke describes her experience:

“I was one of the first clients that Jibe introduced to their Visibility Plan. The moment they presented it to us, I immediately knew that we had an obligation to our company [Ivory Homes] to implement this concept into our online marketing strategy if we were going to stay on the leading edge of social media and all of the relevant online channels.

“I have utilized the tools that they originally provided us with and have since been able to cast and continually nurture our social web presence in a healthy fashion that has significantly increased our overall web traffic and that constantly serves our SEO initiative.

“Jibe’s Visibility Plan brings the online social realm into perspective and works as an excellent aid in helping you funnel all of your social channels and leverage all of your online content as much as possible! It works if you work it!”

Due to the success Ivory Homes saw, and the marketing team’s commitment to their plan, they have seen results and mastered many of the tools and skills Jibe originally set up.

We are all 9-year-olds in our understanding of many of the complicated parts of the world around us, but social media doesn’t need to be one of those areas. Click on the light and reap the rewards.