Jibe 2014: Out with the New

Lee Ziebarth

February 10, 2015

2014. What a year! So many good things. So many good people. So many great, fun creative projects for Jibe this year.

Some say “out with the old” at the end of a year, but with this list we’re going out with the “new” as we review some of the great things of 2014.

  • New clients with exciting initiatives
  • New brand identities for exciting start-ups
  • New business won with exciting 2015 campaigns
  • New office paint and décor
  • New awards

These are only some of the new and great things that happened in 2014, but here are a few highlights.

New Clients with Exciting Initiatives

Cobbler Cove opened on Black Friday at the upscale destination mall, Station Park in Farmington. It is a quick serve restaurant that serves 15 different fruit cobbler dishes. We were privileged to help with everything from brand identity to environmental design to messaging and more. If you haven’t walked inside and tasted this unique and wonderful comfort food, we invite you do so. Keep an eye out for bigger and grander plans from Cobbler Cove!

New brand identities for exciting start-ups

TOGS is another brand new idea we were able to bring to the marketplace. This new thumb-over-grip-system (TOGS) is made for the adventurous mountain biker. It provides an additional hand position for greater leverage and stability while riding, racing, and climbing. They have already made a big splash with initial sales and there are many plans to continue to grow the company worldwide.

New business won with exciting 2015 campaigns

Continuing a long-time partnership, we worked with Ivory Homes, Utah’s number one homebuilder, to develop their 2015 campaign with the theme “Picture This”. You’ve likely heard the radio ads by now or seen the new billboards. With a very strategic focus, the campaign targets existing homeowners. We wrote strong and simple headlines to help this segment of the market consider building a new home instead of continuing to put up with the issues of their current old home. For example: “Picture this: A Saturday without repairs.” Many more things to come from the Jibe and Ivory Homes partnership!

New Office Paint and Décor

While this is a relatively small thing, after moving into a new space (just downstairs), we were able to start from the ground up in applying the Jibe personality to our creative new space. Our new dartboard looks absolutely perfect hanging on our new Jibe-green wall.

New Awards

Last, but in no way least, we won several awards this year with our greatest pride coming from the coveted Copper Ingot, from AIGA Salt Lake City’s 100 Show. This award is given to the top 7 professional design pieces of the year for the State of Utah. We won this award for our design of materials for our social media workshop The MEAT.

As you can see, it’s been a great year for all of us here at Jibe. Thank you to all our great clients! We’re nothing but excited for the prospects and initiatives of 2015!