Joel Who?

Dave Smurthwaite

May 23, 2011

Web developer, buffer, musician, oh and as Joel has pointed out, humble…these are just a few words to describe Joel Farr. Besides having to battle the intricacies of web development on a number of websites, Joel attends school at Weber State University and enjoys playing the guitar, songwriting and most of all, audio engineering (fancy way of saying he likes recording bands or scoring jingles).

Perhaps highest on that list of impressive talents is his role as Buffer, as he sits between what he considers to be two demanding co-workers. He has the task of mediating conversations and monitoring interactions between these aforementioned peers. Although he did not choose his role as Buffer, he has stepped into it without (too much) complaint, as all great callings require. He has even come to enjoy it. “The best part about my job is being the Buffer. I can constantly make fun of people, but they can’t make fun of me….because that’s protocol, of course.”

Not impressed yet? Consider this: Joel can move his ears (without using his hands, of course), one ear at a time. Blown away? Who wouldn’t be? Add to that that he can make a basket in the miniature hoop behind his desk without looking and you’re bound to be wowed.

If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear yet, let me sum it up for you, Joel is a huge part of the Jibe team. He keeps us laughing and works wonders on the web projects he’s given.

After this impressive list, I’m sure you’re wondering what Joel considers to be his best trait. His response? “The coolest thing about me is how incredibly humble I am.” So, next time you see Joel, be sure to note his impressive skills and rest assured, it won’t go to his head.