New Website. New Brand. Same Great Jibe.

Kyle Harris

May 28, 2013

We are Jibe. We love great design. We love great content. We love technology. We love advertising. Put them together and you get one awesome new website! To stay fresh and relevant, we have been working hard to complete a new site to better serve our clients and showcase the fun and challenging projects that our team has had the pleasure to work on.

As an introduction to the new Jibe site, here are a few of the design, structural, and functional elements that we focused on during the design and building process:

Aligning with the New Brand

Essentially, a website is a piece of collateral within a brand, so the look and feel should fit in with the rest of the family. Our new website is designed completely with the Jibe rebrand in mind. We had a new logo, color palette, typeface, and some initial graphic element ideas, but nothing else existed for the brand before the start of the new site design. Therefore, the website has both extended the brand and has served as a vehicle of discovery for what the rest of the brand will become.

The Face of the Company

In today’s digital world, a company’s website acts as the face of the company, and whether it’s accurate or not, we ALL rely on the internet for whatever information we need. Site visitors expect to get a good overview of the company and the services offered, but we know not to overdo it. We’ve provided a good overview of who we are, our services, and the successful work we create for our clients—just enough content to be engaging, but not so much that it feels like you’re reading a novel.

Generous Screen Real Estate
Screen resolution and monitor sizes are constantly increasing and improving, so the new design takes advantage of more screen real estate. This allows us to have more of a full screen kind of feeling. It also allows us to display large images and not seem like everything is stuck in the middle of the screen. The site is responsive, so it looks as good on your tablet and smartphone as it does on your flatscreen—feel free to browse, peruse, and interact on whichever device you’ve got handy.

More Descriptive Projects
The current Jibe site provides some good explanation of client work, but doesn’t provide a way to really experience the work that we’ve created. On the new site, projects are treated more like case studies. We provide meaty details of each project—what the objectives were and how we were able to successfully meet or exceed the client’s expectations. Probably the most notable change from our current site is the incorporation of multiple big, beautiful images of each project.

An Engaging Web Experience

There are details throughout the site that provide moments of discovery for visitors. We’re an ad agency so why not incorporate some creative moments on the site? Interesting typography (as opposed to boring, old typeset pages), bold color cues (stay tuned for more color), copy that is both informative and quippy, and other surprise elements that complement Jibe logo’s play on orientation. Combine all these details with all the other great content throughout the site and you’ve got a truly engaging web experience.

A Custom CMS 

There are many popular CMS (content management system) options available upon which many sites are built (such as WordPress), which allow content to be easily added to a site. We decided to build our own custom CMS, and tailored it to Jibe’s specific requirements, without all the extra bloat that can sometimes come with a widely used CMS.

SEO Friendly-er

Is friendlier a word? It is. We made extra efforts to get our site up to the latest standards of a well-optimized site, resulting in higher search engine ranking.

We hope you have as much fun visiting and exploring our new site as we had in creating it! Feel free to drop us a line and tell us what you think.