Happy Birthday Jibe! As kids, we patiently await each year to pass for the most important day on the calendar—our birthday. Fancy invites, themed party planning, extravagant cake making, and building anticipation are the precursors to the big day when you finally get to hold up one more finger when people ask you how old you are.

Unfortunately, as we get older and blow out the crammed, overflowing sea of candles atop our cake, our birthday wish often becomes that we wish we could hold up one less finger to show our age! However, this isn’t true for Jibe.

Yesterday, we celebrated 12 fantastic years. While our Salt Lake City agency isn’t technically old enough to drive a car, have a job, or buy a drink, we can tell you a thing or two about advertising.

After more than a decade in the game, we’ve come a long way since our founding in 2001, but have always managed to remain on the cutting edge of marketing and advertising. Twelve years ago the goal was to convince companies that they did, in fact, need a website (crazy, right?!). Since then, we’ve partnered with organizations to creatively integrate traditional and interactive marketing strategies – making them jibe.

Yesterday, our resident Ad Guy, Mr. Mark Farr (managing partner and founder) offered a birthday toast as we raised our classy plastic stemware: “It’s exciting to see our brand catch up with the progressive nature of our services. It better represents how our company helps businesses integrate new media into their marketing.”

So put your party hats on and join us! No, not just today, for the whole month. Throughout May, we’ll be gifting you with a complete rebrand of Jibe with everything from a new logo and visual identity to a redesigned website with updated portfolio pieces and company videos. Consider these brand components party favors that express the vision of our progressive, Salt Lake City-based ad agency and the direction we’re taking to be the premier social media agency in Utah.

But don’t worry—we’re not letting all this success go to our head. While we can’t promise we’ll stay the same, we can promise that we’ll continue to grow and adapt to provide the best services for clients in a continuously changing marketplace. You can RSVP and catch all the new brand developments as they unfold. Tweet at us (#jibebrand). Facebook us. Call us. Jog with us. Show up at the office with grandiose gifts…let’s get this party started!