Project Spotlight: CUDP Design

Greg Lowe

November 8, 2012

Michelangelo and Raphael were rivals – that much we know.

When Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo speculated that Raphael had “convinced the Pope to commission him to work in a medium not familiar to the artist.” Whether or not the artist’s suspicions were justified, Michelangelo went on to produce one of the greatest masterpieces of all time, proving that truly great artists are ambivalent toward medium.

Great design firms are the same way.  At Jibe Media, we like to think of ourselves as a “Renaissance agency,” able to apply great design to any medium.  Take our recent work for CUDP, a provider of credit union core software solutions.  After rebranding the company, Jibe Media was asked to apply that brand to the interior and exterior of the company’s new corporate campus.  The CUDP design result was a beautifully branded and artistically interesting environment crafted through a combination of mediums – paint, aluminum, acrylic, vinyl, and LED lighting.

CUDP Design CUDP Design CUDP Design

The new campus has inspired customers to take notice and employees to take pride in CUDP’s own efforts at excellence.