Jibe Media

May 15, 2012

A trucking company based in Jerome, Idaho recently came to us looking to update their website, bringing it to the same level of sophistication and technological savviness as the rest of their company. Therein lies the problem. Here lies our solution:

In order to increase the ease of use for the customers, agents, potential and current drivers, and owner/operators we created portals, rather than pages, that enable the user access to their desired information and resources. This allows for the more traditional navigation in the second half of the page to remain accessible and useful throughout the user’s visit.  And as clean as it is, don’t the opening portals remind you a little of a trailer’s roll-up door?

With Giltner Trucking a cleaner, simpler, and smarter experience can be expected than that of the competition. We made sure the same can be said of their website.