PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Sweetening Life with Mrs. Fields

Greg Lowe

June 1, 2012

Communication can be difficult – just ask my friend. When we were in high school, he crashed his dad’s ATV.  He knew he was in trouble and dreaded the moment that he would have to reveal the unhappy news.  Rather than face the music, he came up with a brilliant plan.  He had a long, overseas trip coming up and would be leaving his family for an extended period of time.  So he buried the news until moments before his departure.  As he hugged his dad, he told him that he loved him.  Then he added “… and by the way, I crashed your 3-wheeler.”  In that moment, his father could not be angry – communication crisis averted!

For as long as people have been communicating, they’ve been looking for ways to soften those awkward moments of difficult conversation.  With over 30 years of experience in bringing people together over delicious baked goods, Mrs. Fields has plenty of experience in sweetening communication.  In fact, they’ve been pleasantly conveying personal messages through their popular Big Cookie Cakes for years.  Hoping to facilitate even more delightful conversation, the iconic brand came to Jibe Media for help spreading the word.  Together, Jibe and Mrs. Fields created a series of YouTube videos with the theme “Sweeten Life.  Say it with a Big Cookie Cake.”

The goal of the project has been to capture that moment when words are hard to find.  The first three videos in the series each feature a character faced with a difficult communication task – a teacher failing a student, a father encouraging his son to give up sports, and a wife who is just too tired.  We’re proud to present our work for Mrs. Fields.  We hope you enjoy the videos and that you’ll remember them the next time the words escape you.