Relationships and Advertising

Jibe Media

April 26, 2012

“Maowage! Maowage is what bwings us twogetha today!” … and is the topic that brings us together for this blog post.

Marriage requires trust, as does just about any solid, healthy relationship.  Just ask Tiger Woods or Newt Gingrich if you don’t believe me. They’ve learned from experience that in order for relationships to last, they need to be built on a foundation of trust.  This is true for marriage, and is just as true for advertising.

So, how does this apply to advertising? You want people to consume your product or service, but times have changed, people have changed and some of the old ad methods aren’t as affective anymore. You’re advertising in magazines and newspapers.  You’re out on billboards.  You may even be on TV. These mediums may have worked in the past so you’re hesitant to change.  You’ve heard about social media, you may have fiddled with Facebook, leveraged LinkedIn, even tweedled with Twitter (Yeah, I just made that up). But you don’t see the connection. Advertising is about building relationships, which lead to trust. Don’t seek to sell. Relax, and relate.

Today, just like “maowage”, advertising is doomed to fail without a solid relationship built on trust.  The old adage is still true.  People like doing business with people (and companies) they like.  So become likable and build relationships – we promise if you do you’ll see great results…or at least better results than Woods and Gingrich saw.