Social Media Networks – Which One Are You?

Bethany Sterzer

October 4, 2013

I’m Pinterest

Not because I’m crafty and love to try new recipes (unless you consider a couple minutes in the microwave cooking), but because I love refining my style and interests—looking at the creativity of others to spur my own. Pinterest is the perfect place to do that. I’m a bucket-lister and one-day-I-willer. And this is why out of all the social media networks, Pinterest is my social network.

But what about some of the other social networks? Which one would you be? Perhaps these characterizations will help you decide which social media site completes you.


Staying in touch with friends is important to you. So are cute babies, cats, and memes that make you smile. In fact, you would love to plaster pictures of these all over your bedroom wall if you could. You’re all about positive reinforcement, telling friends how much you like what they do and often sharing that with your friends too.


You’re short and to the point. Sometimes an over-sharer, but you’re not so needy that you won’t stop sharing merely because you don’t know if anyone is listening. You’re all about living in the now. And you like to repeat others—often word for word.


You see the world through rose-colored glasses…or Toaster-colored, Hudson-colored, and Sierra-colored glasses. Regardless of the lens you wear, you are always seeking the “perfect moment.” The perfect sunset, the perfect after-rain nostalgia, the perfect night out with friends. And then you love to share those moments, in hopes of inspiring others.


You’re driven, goal-oriented, and connected. You love meeting new people and networking. You get excited over a polished resume, tips on pursuing your ambitions, and an update from one of your favorite industry thought-leaders. While you’re most comfortable in a pantsuit, you still know how to have a good time—as long as it involves drinks with colleagues.


You tend to be a bit introverted—sometimes you don’t have as many interactions as those of your peers, but that doesn’t bother you because you’re the child of a big-shot, which means you have a lot of clout and are extremely well-connected. You pride yourself in being easily found when searched for by others and your friends appreciate that you improve their social standing.

So which social network are you? Why? Tell us in a comment below.