– Connect your blog and your social networks automatically!

Andrew Ariotti

May 31, 2011

I come across new services on the web on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. Sometimes they are worth mentioning, other times they end up in the stack of services that exist that I don’t really need. I discovered several weeks ago when doing research on how to automate the process of posting on a Twitter account based on content created on a site. In my mind it seemed like a simple task, but how do I automate it in a way so that I don’t have to touch it? TwitterFeed does just that . . . let’s dive in.

Don’t be fooled by the name, the service also can handle updates to a Facebook page as well as a few other services that I’ve never heard of. The process is simple; copy the RSS feed of the content that you are wanting to be posted, attach your social media accounts, define what you want your new post to look like,¬†and, lastly, activate the service at set intervals. That’s it! Now, whenever new items get added to your blog TwitterFeed will know it and will post on your social networks about it. The post can include things like the title and link, or any other custom info coming in through the feed. Just another one of those services that makes a process that can take time automated so we don’t have to intervene.

Fine Print: Although automating a process like this is great I still encourage companies to make sure their posts are unique and catchy. Sometimes blog post titles can be pretty dry, so when publishing your blog posts remember that it will be used by TwitterFeed on your social networks. The less our social networks look robotic the better!