Variety: February and Social Media’s Common Ground

Braden Rindlisbacher

January 31, 2014

Oftentimes, February receives a terrible rap. Many people speak of the February blues, or an “endless” winter. Many might believe that it’s cold, dark, and miserable. Others dislike it, because it centers around love and relationships.

Well, folks, I’m here to attempt to change these dismal mindsets. See below for just a few of the things that make February, arguably, one of the greatest months of the year.

Here we go.

  • Groundhog Day – What other month allows a woodland creature to determine the fate of all things seasonal?
  • Valentine’s Day –  A day to love (anyone)…what’s NOT to love?!
  • Black History Month – A historic month to remember, pay homage, and educate.
  • Super Bowl – ‘nuff said.
  • The Oscars – Everyone loves movies…and seeing which flicks receive deserved recognition.
  • President’s Day – A day to remember Washington, Lincoln, and other past U.S. Presidents + a day off of work!
  • Mardi Gras (excluding this year) – You know…have some fun.
  • And lastly…ahem…my birthday.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons to LOVE the month of love. What other month gives you this much to celebrate or experience? This is why February is so great.

Let’s apply this idea of diversity to an important facet of your business—your social media/online strategy. Just like February, the key to your online greatness may also rely on variety. You don’t want others to view your social presence as something dismal or cold. Mix it up. Have some fun. Be diverse.

Variety for social media involvement may encompass two facets:

1)   The number of mediums you are utilizing

2)   The actual content being posted

First, how many mediums is your business utilizing? If you are aiming for greater online visibility, it is imperative that you utilize every asset that fits your brand. There are some social mediums that may not align with your brand. For example, a Pinterest account may not be suitable for a legal firm, or a LinkedIn account may not fit well with an amusement park. See what your business will benefit from, and be sure to utilize them appropriately.

At Jibe, we recommend Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google + for most, if not all, businesses. We also advocate for LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram – where appropriate.

Because each asset can serve a different purpose, they give your brand an opportunity to speak in diverse ways across the web.

Secondly, what content are you posting? Are you providing a variety of information for your audience? It is crucial to ensure you implement relevant, useful, and entertaining content. If not, you may run the risk of losing your audience, and quite possibly, your credibility. Your followers look to you as industry experts. Share photos, relevant news, quotes, and other useful information that fits your brand. Social media provides an incredibly useful platform to converse, listen, and entertain your clients and customers. Why cheat them?

You may also benefit from utilizing other online assets like Google Adwords, Adready, and paid Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn campaigns. These are great avenues to pursue if you’d like to promote yourself a bit further.

Again, mix things up. Create variety. Be an industry expert. Let your audience know what is trending, what is useful, and what they should know. Be a diverse voice throughout all appropriate platforms, and your online presence will thrive.

Happy posting!

Oh yeah…and Happy February.