Where is she leading us? I guess we’ll just have to follow and find out.

“I really enjoy turbulence. I think it’s fun,” Bethany once told me on a particularly tumultuous flight from Salt Lake City to Denver. We were traveling there for an account management seminar and even though I tried to look interested, all I could think was, “This is a strange person.” Well, that, and, “I hope the plane doesn’t fall out of the sky.”

Obviously there are much better introductions to Bethany Sterzer – account coordinator extraordinaire – but this story illustrates the fact that even out of the office, Bethany has superhero skills, although her preference would be time travel.

Why time travel? Well, she claims that she would like to erase the embarrassing and stupid things that she has done.  While I’m sure it’s a short list, we all do embarrassing things sometimes. Some examples may include (but are not limited to) calling a person by the wrong name, parting your hair on the other side or forgetting where you parked your car. Further examples could be passing out during high school psychology class and hitting your head on a VERY cute boy’s desk, or paying ACTUAL MONEY for root beer barrels candy.

Snacks are important to Bethany, and she keeps her desk well stocked. Sources that sit about four feet away claim that Bethany has lots of snacks and doesn’t share. Bethany was prepared for this accusation, however, and retorts that some members of the office are just too good for her generosity (and by generosity she means horehound or Good N’ Plenty.)

When she’s not at the office, Bethany loves to be outside playing volleyball, running, shooting guns or snowshoeing. She’s an active person who can hold her own on a Jibe Jog, and whose laughter can brighten and fill up a room.

In preparation to write this spotlight I asked her who her favorite coworker is (obviously a loaded question), but she came back with a perfectly politically correct response that “It changes, but everyone works well together.” While it’s not juicy gossip, Bethany’s feelings toward Jibe are mutual. She’s an integral part of the team, who is great at her job, and fun to be around.