Why Should Your Business Blog?

Ali Guinn

March 2, 2012

Blogging has an unexpected correlation to branding. Businesses invest in brand strategy in order to build trust. Without trust, there is no business to be had.

The reason people read blogs is because they tend to be a source of trust. Personally, I follow blogs that are relevant to my profession, interests, and if I want an expert’s advice or opinion.  A good blog creates a sense of community. People in the community can comment and even expect a response by the blogger or somebody else in the blogging community—building trust.

What advantages does blogging have for your business? It gives your customers an internal voice to listen to. It can confirm why you are the expert and be a forum to discuss concerns and interests of your community. This not only builds trust in your expertise, but organically strengthens your search engine optimization. For example, say somebody is searching for a gluten-free bakery. If your company promotes gluten-free service, and then blogs about gluten-free cooking tips and gluten-free living, you will pop up higher in the web search than a restaurant that simply lists some of the gluten-free items.

Position yourself as the expert, not just by telling, but by showing. Your blog will help create a more tangible community.