Why Trust Matters

Jibe Media

February 8, 2012


“Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him.”

Booker T. Washington

Trust Me.

Whatever the circumstance is surrounding this prompt, the result is almost always the same: immediate uncertainty and an unsettled stomach. But why? Why do we find it so difficult to put faith in someone’s capabilities, even when they have proven themselves or their résumé undoubtedly establishes that they are the authority on the matter?

Never have I found a more succinct, applicable, nor beautifully spoken explanation and demonstration of trust than by conductor Charles Hazlewood. “The bigger your gesture gets,” says Hazlewood, “the more ill-defined, blurry, and, frankly, useless it is to the orchestra.” The more you distrust those with whom you surround your business efforts –meaning the more you take on their responsibilities as your own – the less-likely your music will sound like anything more than a third-grade recorder recital with, as Hazlewood puts it,  “a rabid windmill” leading the way.

The same can be said for us at Jibe. Personally, I am trusted to artfully execute the concepts presented before me. In turn, I trust in the expertise of Mark and Ali to provide the direction I need to accomplish those tasks, Bethany and Cheryl to communicate with clients and help resolve difficulties in my understanding of what the client wants, and Justin and Joel to get my attention if I’m listening to Justice too loudly in my headphones.

We all know our responsibilities and have been trusted to play our parts. So let’s start making some music.


photo courtesy of: http://www.tuskegee.edu/Uploads/images/About%20Us/booker.jpg