Why Use WordPress?

Bethany Sterzer

August 21, 2013

Know WordPress? No? Well, let us introduce you. You won’t meet a more personable blogging tool or CMS out there. And here are four reasons why:

  1. Simple Pleasures
    WordPress is extremely simple. With a massive global community, easy online training, and intuitive functionality, WordPress is an effective tool that doesn’t take months to master. It’s easy to use, plain and simple.
  2. Customizable Fun
    Thanks to numerous plugins, WordPress can become what you want it to be. Want to add social media feeds? Check. Want to track visitors? Check. These functionalities and much, much more are easily accessed, or disabled, depending on the strategy you have for your website or blog.
    You also don’t have to be limited in your blog design of your WordPress site. The look and feel of it is customizable and can be as unique (and adorable) as you. 
  3. SEO Love
    Where’s the SEO love? WordPress has it in abundance. From the easily read code that Google can’t resist, to meta tag keywords that woo even the most standoffish algorithm, and so much more—your blog or website will have an increased chance of being found in the search engines.
  4. User Friendly
    Want to give your buddy access to your WordPress site? Done. How about your buddy’s Grandma’s next door neighbor? Done and done. An administrator of a WordPress site can setup multiple users with specific capabilities and levels of access assigned to each.

(Disclaimer: Be sure your buddy’s Grandma’s next door neighbor is a reliable dude. You don’t want to put your site at risk.)

Don’t be shy. Cozy up. WordPress is as lovable as they come.