Your Hospital and Facebook

Dave Smurthwaite

March 10, 2011

This past week we reached out to our social networks and asked the question: What could your local hospital be doing on Facebook that you would find useful? Below are a few of the suggestions:

  • “It would be really cool to know the types of bugs that are going around (flu, etc) and have a tip or two on things to do to prevent getting it”
  • “Online surgeries!”
  • “It seems like there’s a dedicated month for every condition. What are they doing during that month to help with awareness, prevention or screening?”
  • “Reminders on your birthday to do whatever preventative health stuff you need.”
  • “I would love it if they had a post about the latest health challenge programs from the insurance companies they care for.”
  • “Success stories and news about success patients have had.”
  • “Tweet or Facebook about serious flu/commonality things that come through the ER.”
  • “Patient reviews of doctors. There must be a survey option that could do that on Facebook.”
  • “Posting interesting health-related articles.”
  • “Not spending money on social media stuff to reduce hospital costs would be a GREAT help for me!”
  • “They could give me opportunities to volunteer for them and shadow their doctors”
  • “How about patients being able to like or become fans of certain doctors or clinics. People are always asking if you know a surgeon that you would want or not want it would be nice if they could just see them on your fan page if you had a good experience”

Now it’s your turn. What would you suggest for your hospital and Facebook?